Notes of Encouragement
Following Letter from Texas Medical Association

June 21-30, 2004

  • "Yea! best of luck! I hope that they move forward on this immediately!"
    Melanie S. Percy
  • "Terrific news!! I will say lots of prayers that this happens very, very soon. Please keep me posted."
    Julia Medick
  • "Dr. Leonard,
    That is an outstanding recommendation from an expert source. Hoping this will carry weight with the witch hunters. It is astounding to me that in America, where I was taught innocent until proven guilty, and you have been found innocent, that you are still not practicing. Hang in there, it has to work out."

    Richard Straus
  • "Phil,
    Good letter. I hope the board gets off their collective butts and acts on
    the letter's request. We need our good doctor back service."

    Rod Rawlings
  • "Terrific! Any reply expected any time soon? Cheers!"
    Ilia Rosenberg
  • "Good Morning Dr. Leonard,
    That is great news. I think they should have done this to begin with. To
    find you guilty before you have a trial is wrong. I will be looking
    forward to your return."

    Best Regards,
    Mark Juarez
  • Dear Dr. Leonard,
    I want to congratulate you and also congratulate the Physician-Patient
    Advocacy Committee on their effort to correct this horrendous interruption
    of your splendid work. There are hundreds of patients anxiously waiting to return to your care.
    If I can do anything to help, please let me know. May the remainder of the
    year bring you health and complete success.

    Sincerely, Diane Green
  • Philip-
    Let's hope you can get back in operation soon. But when it comes to
    bureaucracy, I wouldn't hold my breath. I might suffocate. Best of luck with
    the powers that be. this must be like a nightmare.
    I am assuming you are not allowed in any way to communicate regarding
    treatment or medication, as no mention of that was made in your reply.

    Tom McMahon/Random Dither
  • Phil, Congratulations ! I hope that the light at the end of the tunnel will
    only increase for you. If I can help in anyway (e-mail or letter), please
    let me know.
  • Wonderful news! Hope you're reinstated ASAP!
    RB, Attorney at Law, Advocate for the Poor
  • Dear Dr. Leonard,
    Thank you for forwarding us Dr.Robert V. Carr's letter. We hope that the TSBME will reinstate you to practice soon thanks to this convincing letter.
    Good luck to you!

    Minh Vo & Tuyet Tran and Dao Vo
  • Wow! Sounds so encouraging! We've got our fingers crossed!
    Lots of love,

  • Good Luck and hope for a quick reinstatement. Best Wishes,
    Sam Herrera & Family
  • Phil, wonderful letter. I hope it does the trick.
    qs, md
  • Phil,
    This looks pretty nice - sure hope it does the trick. You've really been thru the mill and it would be nice to see a turn around. Good luck and keep me posted
  • My name is Sterling Hemphill and would like the Board to please allow Dr
    Leonard to resume practice. This would help me and a lot of people waiting for the reinstatement of his practice. I have used Dr Leonard for 20 years and
    would beg of you to allow this to happen.

    Building Official City Of Cedar Park, Sterling Hemphill

Patients and Colleagues begin Writing
Directly to the Chair of the Board

July 1- October 15